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Karting is a very exciting sport which is enjoyed by thousands of people across the world. As with all sports getting it right at the start makes a huge difference to how you or your child will progress and the enjoyment you will get out of it.

Here are a few tips that will help you start karting:
  • Avoid the temptation to go out and buy the first kart you see off eBay, karting websites or magazines, buying unsuitable equipment is costly.
  • Attend a day at a reputable kart school learning how to drive a racing kart , it is important to learn about the sport and make sure it is right for you. 
To be successful or to have great safe fun it is important to learn to drive a racing kart correctly, this is best achieved under professional guidance from recognised ARKS (Association of Racing Kart Schools) instructors. Protrain's ARKS approved instructors conduct training sessions every week and will coach you to achieve:
  • The best racing lines - This will not only maximise your speed through a corner but also make driving less tiring and less likely to spin. 
  • Correct Braking - The instructor will teach you to operate the brake in the right manner to maximise deceleration whilst keeping the kart under control. 
  • Clipping points and apexes - You will be coached on clipping points and apexes to aid cornering and to pin point acceleration and throttle application starting points. 
  • Vision and steering control - These are very important considerations which you will be taught and coached on.
  • Is karting right for you? - Protrain  will always be honest and give you a truthful appraisal of your abilities, we will also help you consider what class of karting which is often dependant on where you live and how far you can travel, what kart to buy, where from, how to maintain it - We will discuss and guide you through it all.

So you've decided to take the first steps...what next? 

Once you have had your first day learning the introductory steps of driving a racing kart you should be quite proficient and ready to progress. It is normal for two or three days of practice and coaching to get drivers up to a standard where they are ready to race and take an ARKS test, passing this allows you to gain a racing kart drivers licence. To take your ARKS test you will need to purchase a "Starting Karting" pack, Protrain can supply this or you can get one from the Motor Sports Association (MSA), a karting magazine, a kart trader or any kart school. 
The Starting Karting pack costs £65 (call the Motorsports UK to order on 01753 765000) and contains many items but most importantly the MUK novice driver licence application form and training DVD. The training DVD should be watched many times as it contains the syllabus for the ARKS test.
The ARKS test is divided into two sections; driving and written. The driving test is to ascertain whether you are safe to go racing. The examiner will be looking to see that your driving style is acceptable, that you are driving at a speed comparable to those drivers already racing and not causing a danger by spinning. The written test is a twenty question multiple choice paper that has 10 questions on flags, a 100% mark is required to pass this section and 10 questions on general karting safety where the pass mark is 80%.
On successfully passing the test the examiner will stamp and sign your licence application form and after completing a medical if you are over 18 years, it can be sent off to the MSA for your new novice kart racing licence.
Before going racing you need to join a kart club and then you can enter any of the hundreds of race meetings that are held throughout the UK every year. A Race Entry should normally be carried out two weeks before the race meeting and forms can either be downloaded off the kart club’s website or from a membership pack.
Protrain run an internationally successful racing team, we can help you take the next steps once you have secured your MUK Novice licence and have decided that karting is the sport for you.