ProTrain Racing
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Awning - 87m2  of floor space (8.5m x 6m plus 6m x 6m)

AWNING - 150m2 of floor space
(8m x 18.7m)

At Work  - Facilities for up to 9 drivers

AT WORK - Facilities for up to
12 drivers

At Play  - Cafe area for customers and sponsors

AT PLAY - Cafe area for customers
and sponsors

  • The Protrain Racing Kart Team has the full facilities expected of a top kart team.
  • The team's DAF 18 tonne Truck is backed up by a large Mercedes Sprinter van and trailer with storage for 16 team karts.
  • The Protrain awning is the envy of most kart teams in its colour coordinated livery with full pit and recreational facilities.
  • The awning has benches and tools for race engineers to maintain karts to the highest level. Air lines and power is supplied from the team's truck.
  • Datalogging leads connecting to a large datalogging desk allowing drivers fitted with pi data logging software the ability to analyse their data.
  • 3 Screen data logging station for maximum data analysis.
  • Whenever possible each driver is allocated a 3m x 3m space to work in comfort.
  • The cafe area allows drivers and their support team to relax and discuss with the team driving and kart performance enhancements.
  • Many forms of warm drinks are supplied plus cooled mineral water from the water dispenser.
  • It is the only way to go racing in style with the best possible advice on driving, kart and engine set up.